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This Privacy Policy defines how TATDROM.COM collects, uses, stores, discloses information received from users on the website https://tatdrom.com. This privacy policy applies to the Site, all subdomains of the Site, all products and services offered by TATDROM .COM .

The content of this page is information about information received by us or third parties at the time of your visit to the Site. Such a policy is a guarantee that the user will be more responsible for the provision of personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies only to this Site and in relation to the information provided here; may not be distributed on other sites, including those containing a mention of our Site or links leading to it.

Received Data

When you visit the Site, the IP address, the name of the domain from which you came (for example, “google.ru”) and the country of registration of this IP are determined. In addition, paginated user clicks are recorded.

The process of obtaining information on the Site is intended, including simplification of the use of the Site. Only information voluntarily provided by your browser is recorded here.

The Website uses the standard technology “cookies” (“cookies”), which allows you to adapt the display style of the Site to the parameters of the monitor screen. “Cookies” – data stored on the hard drive of your computer from a website. They contain the materials necessary to configure the Site and save the viewing options that you selected when visiting. The concept of “collection of statistical information” includes data on pages visited, downloads, domain name of the Internet provider, country of the visitor, addresses of other web resources from which the site was transferred to and from thereafter.

This technology is used by Yandex / Rambler / Google meters, etc. installed on the Site.

“Cookies” technology does not contain personal information that directly relates to you. If you do not want to browse web pages with cookies, configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies, or notify you of their sending.

In addition to the foregoing, to quantify unique visitors, as well as evaluate those. capabilities of the host server and traffic data counters from other servers, the Site uses web resource logs. These materials allow you to determine the number of visitors to the Site in order to further have an idea of ​​how best to arrange popular pages. Thanks to this, the quality of the resource and the convenience in using it are significantly growing. We do not keep records of information about specific users – only about their clicks within the Site. This ensures that all personal information will not be stored and distributed anywhere without your consent.

Information is also collected during user registration on the Site, placing an order, filling out feedback forms, etc. The Site Administration has the right to ask the visitor to provide the following data: name, e-mail, contact phone. In turn, the user has the right to anonymous visit to the Site. Data is collected only upon voluntary submission. That is, if identification information is not required to use specific functions of a web resource, you can always refuse to provide it.

How is the information collected used

TATDROM.COM reserves the right to collect and use user personal data for the following purposes:

Improving the quality of customer service. The information that the user leaves helps to more effectively and quickly respond to requests.
Personalization of user experience. To understand which of the visitors is interested in the services provided on the Site, we collect personalized materials.
Directly improving the Site. In order to improve work efficiency, the quality of the services offered, feedback is used.
Payment processing. In the case of placing an order or payment, access to contact information about the user is required. It is closed and inaccessible to third parties, except when it is needed to provide services.
To send users materials on topics of interest to them. Occurs with your consent.
To send periodic electronic messages containing company news, updates, information about products and services. To refuse to receive messages, there is an instructional description of the steps necessary for unsubscribing. You can also contact us on the Site
How is your data protected?

All security measures to collect, store and process data are strictly adhered to, preventing unauthorized access to them, changing, disclosing, destroying your personal information (username, password, transaction information and data stored on our Site).

Sharing Personal Information

The personalized information of users is not for sale by us, it is not exchanged, it is not for rent. Targeting and geolocation data can be transferred to Partners and Advertisements